Q: What makes you different than any other dental practice?

A: Our number one goal is for you to have a great visit. It starts with a sincerely interested person greeting you when you call. Then, you’ll have a personal introduction when you arrive. We make sure you’re 100% comfortable with every procedure we propose. We take care of all of the little things that can make a difference in our patient’s day.

We build time into our schedule for personal conversations with you that result in a powerful rapport and trust, allowing you to take confidence in the excellent dentistry we offer. We are trained in caring not only about your teeth but who you are, what your desires and needs are, and how you like to be treated. Dr. Wolff’s dentistry is second to none for those addressing comfort, life-long maintenance and/or the most elaborate cosmetic issues. We could try to describe the difference all day, but we’d love more than anything to show you!

Q: I have a temporary crown in my mouth and wanted to know what happens if it comes off or breaks?

A: We recommend you put it back into place and call the office so we can reset it immediately. Keeping your tooth covered is of utmost importance in this situation. Call us for guidance immediately.

Q: What do I do if I have an emergency when the office is closed?

Call our regular phone number at any time. If the office is closed, Dr. Wolff’s cell number is available for you to call. She will return your phone call as soon as possible and attend to any immediate concerns that you may have. She does not live very far from the office, and could come into the office for emergency care if need be.

Q: Do you accept referrals?

Yes. We love referrals. Wonderful people refer wonderful people, so we look forward to treating your friends with the same expert care we extend to you.

Q: What is your policy regarding canceling an appointment?

In order to maintain a well-run office, we appreciate as much notice as possible for appointment cancellations. This enables us to work on other patients who need to be seen. A minimum of 2 days notice is requested.

Q: What different payment options are available?

We consider our relationship with you to be of primary importance and will always make our recommendations based on what we believe is the very best treatment for you regardless of your insurance coverage or financial arrangements. For your comfort and convenience, we offer a wide range of financial options and welcome your suggestions and questions.

  • Pre-payment in full
  • Pre-authorized credit card agreement
  • Three payments (for fees over $1000.00)
  • Care Credit Financing
  • Pay as you go plans
  • Gradual Treatment Plans

Q: What precautions do you take to ensure patient safety?

A: There are so many different ways we put your safety first: using gloves, masks and glasses; ensuring sterilization and disinfection of all instruments and counters; testing our sterilizer weekly to make sure it meets all hospital level standards and more. Our state-of-the-art sterilization center is something you can see at any time if you’re interested in learning more. Each room is cleaned between patients and all proper sterilization procedures are carried out and monitored in meticulous fashion. Rest easy at Dr. Wolff’s practice – we’re taking care of you probably better than you’ll ever know!

Q: I really do not like visiting the dentist, is there anything you can do to help me relax during my visit?

We make every effort to make your visit soothing and relaxing! Nitrous oxide can be administered safely and comfortably to you through a nose piece. From the massage feature in our treatment chairs to the TVs on the ceiling, our office was designed for your comfort. For some of our most nervous patients, oral sedation is available. Our friendly dental staff is always here to serve you and make you comfortable. Talk to us about your anxiety and we can be extra sensitive to your needs, as appropriate.

Q: At what age should my children first see a dentist?

A: Early visits provide several advantages: they give us the opportunity to spot and prevent any potential oral health/dental problems; they can also give the child a positive, non-threatening dental office experience. That’s why we recommend parents bring their child in at or after the age of three, or at whatever age they’re most willing to communicate with an adult other than a parent.

Q: Do I have to floss every day? Is it really that important?

Yes. Besides cleaning your mouth, flossing daily adds years to your life by eliminating the bacteria that’s around our teeth. The bacteria causes infection, which can seep into your blood stream and cause heart disease. So, besides the health of our mouth, it’s the overall health consideration that makes a daily flossing habit so important.