Cleaning and Prevention

Teeth Cleaning

Making a teeth cleaning a priority will mean less trips to the dentist and more money in your pocket. We recommended getting your teeth cleaning every 6 months.

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Home Care

We are going to show you the best tools and techniques to use to keep your teeth and gums healthy!

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 Primarily for children but good in some cases for adults, sealants will help keep food and debris out of the deep pockets that sometimes exist on the top of your tooth. This help's to prevent cavities from forming and prolong the life of your tooth.  

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Thorough and Complete Care

Periodontal Therapy

If you have neglected your gums or missed a cleaning appointment your gums may be paying the price! We can help restore your mouth to health!

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Oral Cancer Screening

We all know someone dear to us that has or had cancer. When it comes to the tissues of your mouth we can screen to aide in detecting issue's before they become life threatening problems. 

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