iTero Scanner

 The iTero scanner allows us to perform a full mouth scan of your teeth in under 4 minutes! The software then computes your bite, wear patterns, and a simulated outcome of what corrective alignment using invisalign would look like. The possibilities with this scanner are endless and make things like taking awful impressions with goop in your mouth a thing of the past.



Soft Tissue Laser

Instead of having to use a scalpel which can be painful and invasive we utilize a soft tissue laser. With the use of this highly advanced laser we can minimize how much tissue is removed while virtually eliminating damage to surrounding tissue's and structures. The recovery time and healing is greatly expedited too! 


Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays are nothing new to dentistry but the portable version is. We use the newest x-ray taking capabilities so that the quality is higher, the comfort is maximized for you, and the efficiency is quick. Together with the panoramic x-ray unit, a full mouth scan, we can take the guess work out of the exam and diagnose the true problem.

We have the most advanced equipment available in dentistry to best serve you. The days of "just in case" dentistry are in the past and we know what you need and only what you need.